European women are increasingly assuming a “one-shot” sexuality

On the occasion of World Orgasm Day, Ifop unveiled a new study about the ” recreational sexuality ” of European women. In the post-Me too era, they now seem to assume a leisurely sexuality, aiming above all to fulfill their desires without feelings or commitment.

What does occasional sexuality in European women look like in 2022? For World Orgasm Day on December 21, Ifop surveyed nearly 5,000 women living in the five largest European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) about their leisure sexuality. . Sexual relations from the first evening, after a meeting on dating apps or even under drugs… The institute has dissected their (new) practices.

According to the study, a majority of European women have had sex with a partner ” from their first meeting “. Among them, French women are more and more likely to take it upon themselves to ” sleep on the first night “, despite the risks of stigmatization which still weigh on women : today they are 38%, i.e. 4 points more than in 2015. This phenomenon is even more marked among those under 25 : 41% accept it, i.e. 5 points more than in 2015.

Users of dating apps are also more likely to experience this kind of unattached relationship: 84% of current users have had sex on the first night, compared to 42% of women who have never had one.

Dissociate sexual relationship and couple relationship

Despite a social context that still normalizes couple sexuality for the most part, European women seem to be freeing themselves from it little by little, and have sexual relations ” without a future “. Nearly one in two Europeans (47%) has already had an ephemeral sexual adventure, outside of an ongoing relationship, ” in the sense of a relationship that begins before coitus and continues after “, details the study. . 33% of European women even admitted to having slept ” with a person only once knowing in advance that they were not going to see them again “.

European women are increasingly assuming a one-shot sexualityAmong French women under 25, 49% say they have had sex without a future (+8 points since 2013). With the British and the Spanish, they are the ones in Europe who practice the ” one-night stand ” most easily.

As for sexual relations from the first evening, the women who indulge in these ephemeral sexual encounters have an above-average social and socio-cultural level, a progressive political positioning, a location in an urban environment and finally a clear emancipation from the regard to religious morality.

New practices without commitment… but not without risk

Nearly one in three young Europeans has already had a sexual experience of the ” sex friends ” type, i.e. relations with people they know, but always without any commitment or feeling. While this proportion of women who have regular sex with one of their friend(s) remains limited among women as a whole (only 23% among women aged 18 to 69), it is much less so. among young people: more than one in three women aged 18 to 24 have already engaged in this form of sexual friendship, particularly in France (41%) and the United Kingdom (42%)

One out of 5 young Britons has already had a sexual experience using hard drugs and 23% of them have also had sex at sex parties , parties mixing hard drugs, sex and alcohol (compared to 16% of French women). Practices that can ” overexpose young women to risky behavior insofar as it compromises their capacity for judgment and decision-making” , indicates the study.

” Whatever the risks they run, European women therefore increasingly claim recreational sexuality, understood in the sense of leisure sexuality in the strongest sense, free sexuality (…) whose main objective is the well-being being” , concludes François Kraus, director of gender, sexuality and sexual health expertise at Ifop.