Going Out In London

London is an incredibly vibrant, energetic, multicultural city, and is home to some of the world’s most iconic tourist attractions, along with a plethora of amazing restaurants, parks, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs to spend your time in. Make no mistake, The city has a special buzz and is unlike any other city; and going out in London is an experience not to be missed. 
One of the things which makes going out in London such a pleasurable thing to do is that pretty much everything is very easy to get to, thanks to it’s world class public transport system.
Out In LondonSo wherever it is that you fancy going, there will always be a tube to take you there. Even when it is late at night and the trains have stopped running, going out in London isn’t a problem as the capital’s central bus service runs 24 hours a day, which means that you can always find your way home late at night after a dancing in one of the many bars and clubs dotted around the city.
When going out in London, there is something for everyone, from the multicultural mecca of Notting Hill market on Portobello Road, with its wonderful street food vendors, and colorful sales stands, to calm and peaceful Thames river boat cruises.
As with any major city of the world, going out in London is not cheap, so make sure that you take plenty of money with you. That said, there are always plenty of places to get reasonably priced food and drinks.

When going out in London at night, contrary to popular belief, it is actually a really safe experience. The bars and clubs are well staffed, and there are plenty of police patrolling the streets. Problems rarely occurr at the clubs, and this is because it is such a large city, and people tend to keep themselves to themselves.