How To Get Your Girl Wanting More

More often the only thing that may come to your mind when you think of sex is intercourse. However, there are many ways you can take advantage of sex to give your partner pleasure. London is full of shops that sell sex toys but your girl can confess to you that your hands are the best tool ever to make her reach orgasm. If you use them well, you will definitely become a girl’s best friend. Following are more hidden secrets of how to leave that girl longing for you.

sexy blonde1. Study her anatomy

You can handle better something that you are well familiar with and this is inclusive of the female body. Therefore, go out of your own way to study the female body. For instance, body parts which are more sensitive. The inner labia tend to be more sensitive than the outer labia. Locate where the G-spot is. The clitoris is your guide to making your girl moan all night. With its eight thousand nerve endings, this is the most sensitive. However, don’t beat yourself too hard if you fail to locate every spot. You can always get direction from your partner.

2. Take it easy on her

Understand that the female’s body works totally differently from the man’s. Don’t just rush to rub her clitoris but instead turn your girl on by gently teasing her. Any girl in London will tell you that a man that takes his time during foreplay is an animal in bed. If you fail to warm her up first, she will be highly sensitive and this will make her uncomfortable. You can start by caressing her outer labia with your fingertips before moving to the sensitive spot, the inner labia. You will know your girl is aroused when her vagina is swollen and deepened in colour.

3. Act like a gentleman

The female’s vagina is prone to getting infections if your jump down there with dirty hands. Make sure that you clean your hands before deciding to give your girl a good time. Maintain short nails and take off jewelry such as rings to avoid leaving scratches down there. If this happens next time she will not allow you to come even as closer as touching her thighs.

4. Choose to lube up

Adding a lubricant on your hands may make your partner feel more excited. You don’t have to go for expensive products. You can use a silicone lobe which is also compatible with sex toys made of silicone or alternatively, you can go for water based lubricant which is known to be cheap.

5. Get wild

Don’t be afraid to try something for the first time. At times, an experiment can work out perfectly. To your surprise, your girl can reach orgasm through oral sex. Play with your tongue and dedicate sufficient time on the clitoris. But if oral sex is not your thing, you can as well as use your fingers to help her reach her sexual excitement.

Every woman’s body responds differently and the only way for you to find out what works best for your girl is to try the different forms of foreplay and see which one excites her.