Some sex positions loved by Asian girls

A better sex life is the most important thing for any relationship. If you don’t have a better sex life, then you might never get a good result in your life. Here, I am going to talk about some of the Asian girls knows some sex positionssex positions that are preferred by Asian girls and you can try those positions to have a better intimate relationship with Asian girls or other women as well.

Doggy Style

This is one of those sex positions that give the maximum pleasure to women and men both. This position can give deeper penetration as well and that is why many Asian girls love to try this pose instead of other positions.

Missionary position

This is one of the simplest yet most amazing sex positions for both men and women. Asian girls love this option because they can lie down on the bed on their back and men can do everything. In this options, women don’t need to do much to have pleasure apart from giving some strokes to their partner with their hands. Women from Pleasure Escorts know many secrets of sex positions and I learned a lot from them.

Women on top

This position is known to give the deepest penetration and this is one of those sexy positions that gives assured orgasm to a girl. Some Asian girls fail to get an orgasm by other methods and they feel unsatisfied with their partner. In this position clitoris gets more stimulation and that help a woman to reach to the orgasm in a quick and fast manner.

Standing position

This is one of those positions in sex, that is not very much controlled but most of the Asian girls love to try this option. To enjoy this, it is necessary that men should be powerful enough to hold the woman and woman should be light in her weight so man can easily bounce her on the penis. If these two things are there, then both the partners can have fantastic fun in this particular option.